Saturday, July 26, 2008

Randy Pausch's passing

I read in my newspaper that Randy Pausch has passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer which he has been battling for many months. He was a Computer Science professor at Carnegie Mellon University and in Sept 2007, he gave a "final lecture" to over 400 students at the University.

A "Final Lecture" is an academic traditional which say that if you know that you have a few months to live (hypothetically), what would you say? Unfortunately, in Professor Pausch's case, he was diagnosed with cancer before giving the lecture but after being selected to present the lecture.

His inspirational lecture has been downloaded lot of times and he has written a book with a co-author (who does most of the penning), called "The Last Lecture".

Professor Randy Pausch, thank you and God bless for a gift (although you wrote it for your children, it's something that everyone of can use) that reminds us of what's important in life.

The Legacy of Professor Randy Pausch.