Thursday, January 10, 2008

So I've been tagged...

Apparently the blog tagging thing is still going strong. Doug Burns tagged me early this week. Thanks Doug, now I got two problems: a) figure out 8 things that people don't generally know about me and b) figure 8 other bloggers to tag. You can see Howard Rogers' comments to this blog tagging at the above mentioned Doug Burns' blog entry. I don't agree with Howard's comments but he has every right to them and yes, it does clog up the OraNA aggregator with non-Oracle related entries but the common theme is the Oracle bloggers although I don't think I truly qualify as an Oracle blogger (no technical content).

1. I was born and raised in a small Islamic nation called Brunei Darussalam. A wonderful place where I spent the first 17 years of my life.

2. I will be 45 years old this year and gosh, I still feel like I'm 29!

3. I took almost all IT-related courses in university from digital logic to artificial intelligence EXCEPT for databases and I ended working in that area for a very good portion of my career.

4. I love comics. I used to collect them until my first daughter came along (needed the money for diapers). Darn, they killed off Steve Rogers (Captain America) last year (2007).

5. My first job as an IT professional (right out of university) was with a consulting firm in the UK where I started working with Oracle v3.0

6. I got interested in computers and decided on it as a career choice in the early 70's from a television show, the Six Million Dollar Man.

7. Growing up, one of my first jobs was to be a caddy for golfers which I gave up pretty quickly as I couldn't stand the attitude of the golfers (maybe why I dislike the game so much).

and finally,

8. I used to be able to play for hours on a single quarter (25 cents) the arcade game, Robotron 2084.

Now I got to figure out which bloggers haven't been tagged yet and found that I have to look through a bit of postings to identify who has or who hasn't been tagged so I'm going to pass and just tag the following bloggers (my apologies for dragging you into this):
- Lewis Cunningham
- Jeff Hunter
- Herod T
- Steven Chan
- Robert Vollman
- Andrew Clarke
- Steve Karam
- Dave Aldridge

I am guessing that this "tagging" would allow one to follow and visit various blogs that one might not visit just to see what 8 things that bloggers are revealing about themselves. Have fun.


Tim... said...

"2. I will be 45 years old this year and gosh, I still feel like I'm 29!"

Wow. When I saw you at OpenWorld 2006 you looked about half that age. Are you using Botox or something. :)



Anonymous said...

but the common theme is the Oracle bloggers

See, that's where you're wrong. Jake, who started this particular snowball rolling, was quite explicit about it: I’ll start tagging Oracle bloggers, but don’t take that as a requirement.

So these spam posts will spread to non-Oracle sites, and from there they will periodically spread back to the Oracle ones. And so it will bounce back and forth from here on in.

I don't know a vaguely intelligent person that would pass on anything like this in any other context. Apparently, it's the 'we're all Oracle bloggers' line that has persuaded people to drop the usual skepticism they'd have for chain letters and pyramid schemes.

But the fact is, it's not 'we're all Oracle bloggers' and was explicitly designed not to be, so that skepticism should still have applied.

Sad to see it didn't in your case.

Peter K said...

Thanks Tim but you know that you are getting up there when you find it increasing difficult to read menus without having to hold it at a distance from you.

Noted but I look at it as a way of building and fostering the community. Nothing seems to develop that sense of personalism (probably not a legit English word) than providing some personal info to make that connection.

Will be an interesting social experiment to see how long and how far reaching this "tag game" will go on. I don't think it will be as long or as far reaching as each of us expect.