Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's here and live!

It's Day 3 of our Order Management implementation (Oracle E-Business Suite) weekend. The team started on Friday and we expect to have the business folks in this afternoon to do validation and verification. There is a whole bunch of IT, business and of course, our implementation partner working really, really hard to ensure that the implementation goes well. It is complicated by the fact that we already have Oracle Financials running in Production so it is reasonable to be able to run the "new" system in parallel with the old one.

We ran into some issues/problems but none that would be considered showstoppers so that is good in itself. I would be worried if we don't have issues/problems as it probably meant that we have missed some stuff. The "new" system is complex and involves "new" technologies for us as an organization so there is obviously concerns about sustainment and ongoing support. We are looking at getting our folks up to speed as quickly as possible but also doing it intelligently so that the knowledge obtained is retained.

It's now Day 4 and everything is going well with some minor issues but an Executive Decision was made at 3pm today to go live with the implementation and start turning on the taps to allow our retail stores and wholesale customers go ahead and release that orders to our warehouse to start picking and shipping!

We should by the 6pm PST be live with the new system and we have numerous IT support folks on-site to ensure that the various business processes are working properly and to fix issues where necessary.

Good work, team!

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