Monday, October 08, 2007

Gartner IT Symposium 2007

Here I am at the Gartner 2007 IT/Expo Symposium in Orlando, Florida. This is my first Gartner Symposium and I'm struck by the age of the attendees who would be in the older group. This is not surprising as Gartner is geared towards the CIOs and IT Excutives/Managers group but it was something that stood out where you don't see a lot of the younger folks (under 30). The weather is hot and muggy but otherwise it was good. The family is here with me but on their own (as most sessions are running 'til late).

One sessions that I attended talked about the "death" of generic IT. That is, if you are purchasing off-the-shelf software and trying to minimize customization, you are generic IT. The feeling was that in order to differentiate your organization from your competitors, IT gives you the edge but if you are "vanilla-ize" your ERP/CRM implementations, you are not giving yourself the edge required.

Another one that I attended was a roundtable on using Web 2.0 technologies like Facebook, YouTube, Wikis, blogs, etc to bring value to the business. Here, I think the challege is not with the technologies itself but with the governance and "rules of engagement". How do you protect the organization from "entries"/"postings" that may be subjected to legal proceedings? How do you protect yourself from falling into the trap of regulations and legislation like Freedom of Access to Information, the US Patriot Act, etc. I think Wikis are great in allow the internal staff to capture and enhance the corporate knowledgebase in terms of business processes and the fact that our workforce is aging and thus, the potential loss of knowledge that these folks has.

Hopefully as the week goes by, there are more and more of these interesting sessions where I leave with food for thought for the priorities in my work environment.

Catch you all later1

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