Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gartner Day 2

Sorry about the lack of updates but been busy with the Gartner Symposium. Last evening (Tuesday), it was the "Attendee Appreciation Event" which was held at Disney's Animal Kingdom where the park was partially opened for the attendees to partake. Obviously the event was "pitiful" compared to Oracle OpenWorld where last year, Oracle had Elton John as the headliner and Billy Joel for this year's OOW. The event at Gartner was "okay" with minimal amount of food (unlike Oracle where the food/drinks were still flowing towards the end of the night) and there were only three rides opened during the 3 hours event.

I spent most of Tuesday's sessions learning about SOA and "multi-enterprise SOA" and attending the Exhibitors' hall which is minimal compared to OOW. One of the sessions attended was on the "Top 10 technologies for 2008" with Social software being one, "Green IT", Business Process managment, Web 2.0, Virtualization and Unified Communications among the top 10.

The keynote yesterday was a panel session with 4 CIO discussing the issues facing them in dealing with their CEO and Executive Management team citing the Wall Journal's survery of the differences in priorities by the CEO's and their respective CIO's. That gap has been discussed for the last 10 years and it seems that little headway is being made in general so that was interesting.

Today's planned sessions are mixed with no central theme ranging from Security to Applications Management and the keynote speaker is Steve Ballmer who will probably be on his key on how Linux has violated a whole bunch of unidentified Microsoft's patents....Yawn...

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