Saturday, October 20, 2007

Disclosure & Bloggers

With the recent "can of worms" that Jake blogged about on his Blog, I thought that Mary Ann Davidson kind of hit it on the nail when she blogged about "Disclosure".

I've blogged about this previously but thought that it is worth mentioning again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day where each blogger is to blog about the environment related to their topic/theme.

I am in IT so what can I blog about which would be relevant. Well, I recently attended Gartner Symposium ITxpo where "Green IT" is a key theme for the Symposium and Gartner expects this to be an ongoing theme for the IT industry for the next 3 to 5 years.

Michael Dell as one of the keynote speaker spoke about Dell's commitment to the "greening" of their line of products (better power consumption and preservation, better disposal of raw materials, etc).

We will be mandated to do whatever is possible to ensure that our IT infrastructure do not impact the environment negatively so power consumption is one that will be looked at seriously over the next 12 months and reduction of obsolete IT components to be recycled instead of being dumped into the City dumps.

I would think another factor should include the reduction in paper usage. We generate a vast amount of paper (from printers and photocopiers) so given that the price of LCD monitors are way cheaper than they are now, it should be easier to read entire documents on screen rather than printing them out. I think re-educating folks in the organization to think before they print or photocopy as I see a lot of printouts left at the printer for days and they get chucked at the end of the week or folks printing out manuals (I've been guilty where I would print out a section of manuals to read while waiting for my kids to finish their activities).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gartner Day 2

Sorry about the lack of updates but been busy with the Gartner Symposium. Last evening (Tuesday), it was the "Attendee Appreciation Event" which was held at Disney's Animal Kingdom where the park was partially opened for the attendees to partake. Obviously the event was "pitiful" compared to Oracle OpenWorld where last year, Oracle had Elton John as the headliner and Billy Joel for this year's OOW. The event at Gartner was "okay" with minimal amount of food (unlike Oracle where the food/drinks were still flowing towards the end of the night) and there were only three rides opened during the 3 hours event.

I spent most of Tuesday's sessions learning about SOA and "multi-enterprise SOA" and attending the Exhibitors' hall which is minimal compared to OOW. One of the sessions attended was on the "Top 10 technologies for 2008" with Social software being one, "Green IT", Business Process managment, Web 2.0, Virtualization and Unified Communications among the top 10.

The keynote yesterday was a panel session with 4 CIO discussing the issues facing them in dealing with their CEO and Executive Management team citing the Wall Journal's survery of the differences in priorities by the CEO's and their respective CIO's. That gap has been discussed for the last 10 years and it seems that little headway is being made in general so that was interesting.

Today's planned sessions are mixed with no central theme ranging from Security to Applications Management and the keynote speaker is Steve Ballmer who will probably be on his key on how Linux has violated a whole bunch of unidentified Microsoft's patents....Yawn...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Gartner IT Symposium 2007

Here I am at the Gartner 2007 IT/Expo Symposium in Orlando, Florida. This is my first Gartner Symposium and I'm struck by the age of the attendees who would be in the older group. This is not surprising as Gartner is geared towards the CIOs and IT Excutives/Managers group but it was something that stood out where you don't see a lot of the younger folks (under 30). The weather is hot and muggy but otherwise it was good. The family is here with me but on their own (as most sessions are running 'til late).

One sessions that I attended talked about the "death" of generic IT. That is, if you are purchasing off-the-shelf software and trying to minimize customization, you are generic IT. The feeling was that in order to differentiate your organization from your competitors, IT gives you the edge but if you are "vanilla-ize" your ERP/CRM implementations, you are not giving yourself the edge required.

Another one that I attended was a roundtable on using Web 2.0 technologies like Facebook, YouTube, Wikis, blogs, etc to bring value to the business. Here, I think the challege is not with the technologies itself but with the governance and "rules of engagement". How do you protect the organization from "entries"/"postings" that may be subjected to legal proceedings? How do you protect yourself from falling into the trap of regulations and legislation like Freedom of Access to Information, the US Patriot Act, etc. I think Wikis are great in allow the internal staff to capture and enhance the corporate knowledgebase in terms of business processes and the fact that our workforce is aging and thus, the potential loss of knowledge that these folks has.

Hopefully as the week goes by, there are more and more of these interesting sessions where I leave with food for thought for the priorities in my work environment.

Catch you all later1