Saturday, August 04, 2007

Some thoughts on the ACE program

You know with the recent revamping of the Oracle ACE program and the recent spat between a couple of well-known individuals in the Oracle community and subsequent related blog entries in the Oracle Blogsphere, I wonder where these two individuals fit within the Oracle ACE program. A quick check to the Oracle ACE site reveals that one of the individual is already an Oracle ACE but not the other. What gives?

The criteria to meet are as follows:
Oracle ACE Qualifications ACE

To qualify for the Oracle ACE award, candidates should meet as many of the following qualifications as possible.

  • Oracle-related blog
  • OTN discussion forum activity
  • Published white paper(s) and/or article(s)
  • Presentation experience
  • Beta program participant
  • Oracle user group member
  • Oracle certification
Let's see, said individual definitely meets the first four criteria, not sure about the fifth one "Beta Program Participant" and I believe he meets the sixth one as an "Oracle user group member". I am not sure about the last one though but a quick check at his resume listed on his site indicated that he is a "Certified Oracle Professional" and a "Certified Oracle Database Administrator" so yep, he meets the last criteria. So out of the 7 criteria, he is confirmed for 6 of them and the requirements stated that "candidates should meet as many of the criteria as possible". Did no one nominate the fellow (I don't believed that!)? I downloaded the nomination form to see whether there was additional criteria but found none. You can draw your own conclusions.

Anyhow, I just found it interesting but then who am I to criticize as I definitely don't meet the criteria at all (didn't even meet a single criterion) plus I'm pseudo-anonymous.

Bottom line: With "experts/gurus" abound, the best advice has been given by numerous folks but I will point you to Lisa Dobson's post which to me, capture the mantra that everyone should follow. Keep in mind, even the experts are wrong sometimes and all those titles, letters after their names don't mean that they know all. In closing, I wish that the Oracle ACE program will include a criterion on "Ethics and Conduct". I expect my staff to be professional in their dealings with each other, the clients and the general public, why should I expect less from the gurus/experts?


Noons said...

Peter, Oracle will put whoever they like in their site and that's it. There is no "criteria" for anything.

Witness their "blogs page", where folks with blogs that haven't had a single contribution in months are mentioned yet others who are high on the technorati list don't even get a mention.

It's never been about merit. Never.

Peter K said...

I agree. I'd just at the replies that Justin K posted to Eye-On-Oracle (Elisa Gabbert) on the ACE program and I still don't see how Don Burleson don't qualify (not that I care either way).

Don Burleson said...

>> I still don't see how Don Burleson don't qualify

Have you considered that someone might actually turn-down membership in that elite group?

Peter K said...

Are you saying that you have been offered the ACE designation and that you have refused the designation?

If so, would you feel inclined to share your thoughts (after all, that's the one of the reason why I was blogging about the ACE program)


Don Burleson said...

Hi Peter,

>> Are you saying that you have been offered the ACE designation and that you have refused the designation?

I could say, but then I'd have to sue you, right? ; )

Peter K said...

Don Burleson said...
I could say, but then I'd have to sue you, right? ; )

You could but not sure how far you would be able to get after all you have to prove that you are not you for making the statements.

If the statements are inflammatory or "untrue", I have all the rights to remove it from my blog ;) In fact, I could remove any comments if I deemed it necessary.