Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oracle Licensable components

Recently I attended a half-day 11g launch locally in Vancouver where the local Oracle office invited a couple of Oracle Directors from San Francisco to talk about 11g. Obviously there are too many 11g features to talk about so a few were highlighted and it dawned on me that a number of these highlighted features requires additional licenses on top of the usual RDBMS Enterprise Edition. A way to get more revenue for Oracle?

Do you know what components/add-ons/options are licensable?

Fortunately Oracle Corporate site does provide a list ( it is not comphensive or exhaustive) but it's a start and a more complete list is available here. I know that Mark Brinsmead of Pythian had blogged about another component that is not on the list, namely the AWR. The AWR is actually part of the Oracle Diagnostics Pack.

You can also check out Howard Rogers' link to the actual list of licensable options for Oracle RDBMS EE.

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