Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back from vacation

It has been a blast for me, taking two complete weeks off work and with "limited" access to the Internet although I have my Blackberry. I came back to over 2000 email messages in my work inbox with around 440 of them being meaningful, the rest were either alerts or notification messages.

I'm now busy trying to catch up on news (the pile of newspaper) and also what is happening in the Oracle community. I know that registration for OOW07 opened just before I left for vacation and that a few of the bloggers like Eddie Awad, Lewis Cunningham, Tim Hall, etc have confirmed that they will be attending (for free as Oracle ACE directors) but have to foot their own transportation and lodgings. I am not sure whether I will be attending this year as my role within my organization has changed (one of the negatives of the new job).

My vacation took me from Vancouver to Seattle where we flew to Las Vegas and then drove to Los Angeles (Anaheim to be exact) and back again to Las Vegas. We were supposed to drive from LA to Palm Springs and back to Vegas before flying back to Seattle but change plans to stay longer in LA and a few more days in Vegas. Overall, the flight to Vegas from Seattle were about $150 cheaper per person than flying from Vancouver to Seattle. We weren't able to fly directly from Vancouver as the family did not all have valid passports (a requirement from the US Homeland Security) but we were able to use photo identifications and proof of Canadian citizenships to cross the border by land.

A view from the room at MGM Grand. Las Vegas was a blast and there were a couple of occasions that I didn't get back to the hotel until the wee hours of the morning. We were traveling with another family and my friend manages to win a few hundred dollars each outing whereas I am more prone to losing although with this trip, I managed to come out ahead by a couple of hundred dollars. The kids had a blast at Disneyland in Anaheim and also enjoyed the kids arcade in Vegas. One thing that always amazed me about Vegas is the amount of power utilization by the various casinos and how they could sustain that kind of consumption, seemingly in a middle of the desert.

Oh well, back to catching up on my e-mails and the various happenings within the Oracle community.

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