Thursday, July 19, 2007

EnterpriseDB, Oracle-compatible open-source RDBMS

I recently received an e-mail from Ziff-Davis for a free webinar to take a look at EnterpriseDB which is quoted as the "World's Leading Oracle-compatible" database. It went on to describe that FTD (the flower company) save 83% in Oracle licencing costs and got a 400% improvement in performance by moving their reporting database from Oracle to EnterpriseDB Advanced Server.

That got my interest but unfortunately I was unable to attend the webinar but I did look up more information on EnterpriseDB to see what the fuss was all about. Apparently EnterpriseDB is based on PostgresSQL but is a relational database management system. There is a write-up on O'Reilly's blog on it dated approximately 2 years ago (2005).

Obviously I'm curious as to how "compatible" EnterpriseDB is to Oracle (what version?) as one of the claim on the EnterpriseDB website boasts "Run applications written for Oracle unchanged on EnterpriseDB - Save 80%". Further details reveal that "Making the switch from Oracle requires little or no modification to existing applications. Using our Migration Toolkit, the process is often completed in minutes. In fact, our clients report that more than 75% of their applications are 100% compatible, requiring NO changes to run on EnterpriseDB" so it depends on your application. What I am interested in is the Oracle-compatibility features and what features are NOT compatible (I have not gone through the documentation but hopefully it's documented somewhere).

EnterpriseDB is "open-source" meaning that it was built on top of open-source Postgres SQL but it has proprietary extensions which includes Oracle-friendly (read compatibility) features. EnterpriseDB is free for 30-days or you could go with the limited edition which is free but limit to 1 CPU server, 1Gb RAM and 6Gb of data. Peter Eisentraut has begun to install EnterpriseDB and blog about his experience and hopefully he will blog more about his experiences as he progress with his experimentation.

Update: July 21/2007 - Kevin Closson has an entry on his take on EnterpriseDB. He went and sat in on the webinar that I mentioned. I suggest that you take a gander at his post.


Anonymous said...

But would you risk the business on it..

LewisC said...

Hi Peter,

I wrote a book on EnterpriseDB that will be released in August. I have specific chapters on what is and is not compatible and how to migrate an application (including what needs to be changed to make it work).

It really is quite compatible to the most common features. When you get into analytics, OO and advanced XML is starts being "not so compatible". It also doesn't support more than a few of the built-in packages that come with Oracle. However, EnterpriseDB adds new features on a regular basis. You would not believe how far they have gone in two years.

I write more about it on my blog:

Just do a search for "enterprisedb" on the site.



Peter K said...

I did a few posts on EnterpriseDB but I didn't knew that you wrote a book on it, though. Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...
"But would risk the business on it..."

Nope. I wouldn't but I would not be doing my job if I don't investigate and take a look at EnterpriseDB to see what it could do and this could include doing a pilot conversion of a small, non-critical Oracle system and running the EnterpriseDB version in parallel with the original Oracle version to validate and verify the system.