Monday, July 16, 2007

11g - Would you upgrade?

Now that Oracle 11g has been officially launched, the big question is "Would you upgrade and if so, why?".

Remember that this is still 11g R1, sure it has been through an extensive beta testing phase but it has not being in the real world yet :0.

Let's look at the top then reasons (according to me) that you might want to upgrade:
  1. You want the latest and greatest toy to play with;
  2. There's one neat new feature that will solve all your problems;
  3. Your Oracle sales person gave you a free toy with the upgrade;
  4. You wanted to contribute to Larry Ellison's retirement package;
  5. You have nothing better to do at work;
  6. Your boss told you to do the upgrade;
  7. Tom Kyte/Jonathan Lewis/Insert Oracle Expert Here told you so;
  8. 11g sounds better than 10g;
  9. You want ensure that your Oracle E-Business Application version is in line with the database version (11i & 11g);
  10. You like the fact that it took 30 years to get to 11g.
If you said "Yes" to any of the ten reasons above, can I advise you to stop and think again. I would advise that you check out all the documentation and whitepapers on 11g plus monitor the various blogs in the Oracle community as the experts take 11g through its pace and note issues/concerns that might applied to your environment.

Since 11g is not generally available yet, I would assume that CPU July 2007 is included in the base code. Regardless, I would think that once it is available, the OTN website will be busy with everyone looking to download the software. I for one, now that I have wiped Vista and install Linux on my new desktop will definitely be looking at installing 11g with the starter database to play around.


Gary Myers said...

A reason you missed...
You are still on 9iR2 and they're charging more support fees under the new arrangemnets..

Now you're thinking about 10g and 11g, have they fixed more things than they've broken. So punk, do ya feel lucky....

Peter K said...

gary myers said...
Now you're thinking about 10g and 11g, have they fixed more things than they've broken. So punk, do ya feel lucky....

Gary, that's a good one. I know my organization will not move to 11g (not until it's R2 first) - if I have anything to say about it.

Noons said...

akshally, 1) above is probably the main reason why I'll be installing 11g!

Once it is available, I'll definitely be playing with it.

Running anything critical with it? No way! Enough of the "bleeding edge" for me...

Gints Plivna said...

Ditto Nuno!