Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oracle & Acronyms

I attended a one-day workshop (hands-on lab) at the local Oracle office here in Vancouver today learning about Oracle RAC and try some hands-on labs to install, configure and maintain a RAC environment. One of the things that struck me was how many acronyms were being used in this one-day workshop.

RAC = Real Application Clusters
FaN = Failover Application Notification
ASM = Automated Storage Management
TAF = Transparent Application Failover
OCR = Oracle Cluster Registry
OUI = Oracle Universal Installer
VNC = Virtual Network Computing
CRS = Cluster Ready Services
CRSD = Cluster Ready Services Daemon
CSS = Cluster Synchronization Services
VIP = Virtual Internet Protocol
GSD = Global Single Database
ONS = Oracle Notification Server
EVM = Event Manager
RDBMS = Relational Database Management System
JVM = Java Virtual Machine
OLAP = Online Analytic Processing
HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
SID = System Identifier
GUI = Graphical User Interface
OCI = Oracle Call Interface
JDBC = Java Database Connector
CPU = Central Processor Unit
DBA = Database Administrator
OS = Operating System
Gb = Gigabyte
Mb = Megabyte
URL = Uniform Resource Locator
EM or OEM = Enterprise Manager or Oracle Enterprise Manager
SQL = Structured Query Language
CRM = Customer Relationship Management
DBCA = Database Configuration Assistant
SSH = Secured Shell

Phew! I'm sure that there are more that I either missed or have taken for granted. No wonder the business folks in our organizations look at us IT geeks with glazed eyes.

Oh, although the one-day workshop does not delved into a lot of details, it does give me a good overview and concept of how the whole thing should work and it does take me away from the office which allows me to focus on the subject at hand. Now, only if I can find the time to play around with it more on either my home PC or/and laptop.