Monday, June 04, 2007

Moving on...

I have been with my current employer since August 2004 and originally I was hired as the Data Architect but unfortunately I did not end up doing any data architecture work. Almost immediately I was given the DBA team (2 DBAs) to manage and that grew to 3 before the end of the year. Most of my time was spent on assessing and managing the team plus the database environments. In fact, approximately 60% of the time was spent managing one particular employee who thankfully was no longer with us and the rest was trying to educate and impress on the team for good DBA practices like keeping current with releases, patches and fixes, planning and scripting typical tasks, etc. Currently the team includes 3 DBAs (2 senior and 1 intermediate) and 2 Unix Administrators and we are looking to expand by an additional 3 senior DBAs (2 contract and 1 permanent). Why the growth? A couple of reasons; my employer has bought into the Oracle technologies (RDBMS, Application servers and Applications) and the role of the DBA is evolving into the Application area (i.e. Application DBA). We have also in the tail end of completely separting our Production environment from our Non-Production environments and eventually the DBA group will focus on more of a Development DBA role with second tier for Operational DBA (most typical Operational tasks will transition over to our Operations group who should be able to do the typical create user, reset password stuff via OEM).

Anyhow I am moving on as I have recently "won" the Manager of Application Services position within the IS Department. "Won" as in competing with other applicants/candidates (both internal and external) for the position which has been vacant since July of last year. There are a number of challenges for the Application Services group. One will involve a reorganization of the current Application Services group to better position ourselves to support the Oracle technologies stack as we have gone wholesale with Oracle. I will still try and keep current with the Oracle RDBMS but I suspect that I would be spending more time with Oracle Application Server, Oracle Applications, BPEL Process Manager and possibly JDeveloper.

The trick now is to ensure that I can transition off my current position and the project work that I'm currently working on to someone else so that I can focus on my new position and the various challenges there.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Peter,

Congratulations with your move!
Wish you all the best.


PS: Maybe you can also think about Oracle APEX in your new job ;-)

Peter K said...

Thanks...I'm looking forward to the challenge but also sad at the same time in leaving the DBA arena.

APEX is something that we will probably look at for sure.

LewisC said...


Congrats on the move. I know you will do well.

I hope you'll find time to continue blogging also. Sometimes that's hard after moving to a new gig.

Take care,


Peter K said...

Thanks...I'm definitely going to keep on blogging.

Regards to the family.