Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sometimes tried and true methods do not work

You all are probably thinking "How could that be?". Well, it wouldn't work all the time because the action is on "people" who are as dynamic as anything.

The background to this was that a supervisor in another group sent out an email thanking a couple of her employees for their hard work and effort. One of my DBA was also heavily involved working with these guys on the same task and the email distribution list included him and a few others. My DBA was a little miffed and basically thought that he wasn't appreciated too. I told me not to worry too much about it and yes, I agreed that it doesn't help with the team work and team spirit that we were trying to encourage within the IS group. Guess what, the same thing happened again the very next business day. The same supervisor sent another email thanking another employee in her group for his hard work and effort on another task where another of my DBAs was involved and assisted greatly in tuning and resolving the troublesome query. My first reaction was to do a "reply-all" thanking my DBA and saying something like "I'm sure XXX didn't mean to exclude you from his appreciative e-mail." but I thought better of it and decided to speak to XXX about it the next day.

I spent a good portion of the evening thinking and comptemplating how to approach the subject without coming across as "angry" or even making the divisive between my group and XXX's group wider than it already is. One that I decided on was to go to XXX asking for his help in dealing with an issue. Oh boy, that didn't go well at all even when I told XXX that normally I wouldn't have bothered if it happened only once but in this case, it happened twice on two consective days. His reaction to the first email was that he wasn't aware that my DBA was also involved and admit that he might have missed my second DBA on the second email. Basically, XXX's reaction was that I should have sent out an email thanking my DBA for their effort even though I know that my DBA don't need me to tell them that they are doing a fabulous job handling the daily challenges.

Oh well, chalk that up to more bridge-building work to be done for me with XXX and his group.

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