Saturday, May 12, 2007

Posting a comment to Pete F's blog

I was attempting to post a comment on Pete Finnigan's blog when it comes back and showed me a preview of the post and a confirmation button to post it.

Clicking on that button gave me:

I tried it again and got the same thing. Maybe it's me ;)


Peter Lorenzen said...

I had the same experience :-(

DomBrooks said...

Email him?
"Feedback, Problems?, please contact"

Peter K said...

I will probably email Pete about it but I was just taken aback by the "error message".

"We don't take kindly to that sort of activity..." for trying to post a comment?

DomBrooks said...

Apologies Peter, I didn't look at the detail of the message.

Still, from a security expert perspective, better to be too cautious than not secure enough?