Friday, May 18, 2007

Global Knowledge 2007 IT Salary & Skills Report

Recently I got an email inviting me to download the 2007 IT Salary & Skills Report from Global Knowledge. Although the report did not indicate whether it is specific to a country/region, I have to assume that given that the company is headquartered in the US, that the report is specific to the US IT industry and that salary figures are in US dollars.

It is an interesting read but even though the report talked about certifications (e.g. CISCO, Microsoft, etc.), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) was not mentioned at all. The average salaries were where I expected them to be with no big surprises except maybe for training where 31.2% indicated that their employer did not offer employer-paid training at all. For IT professionals, that's a death sentence meaning that you will have to pay out of your own pocket (after-tax dollars) to keep your skills current. I am guessing that a good number of this percentage are most likely independent consultants who basically have to pay for any training out of their own pockets but if you are an employee, then I would ask "Why would you work for an employer who has no interest or see no value in your skills and knowledge?".

Training is a major factor in the IT industry as technologies changes so much and so quickly that you will be obsolete if you can't keep your skills current. I have been in the IT industry since I graduated from college in 1985 and constant training through the years have provided me with skills and knowledge that has allowed me to progress and develop in the business.

Like any survey, the results are just gauges to be used to judge where you are in the spectrum but it does give you a good gauge of whether you are being compensated fairly for your skills, knowledge and experience.

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