Saturday, May 19, 2007

20 years after "Man in Motion" tour

In a couple of days, it would be the 20th anniversary of Rick Hansen's "Man in Motion" world tour where Rick Hansen, a paraplegic in a wheelchair decided to go around the world in a wheelchair to raise money and awareness for spinal cord injuries research. I remembered the event as I was about to finish my final examination for my degree in Toronto. It was inspiring to see this 27-year man trapped in a wheelchair since 15 to decide that he needed to do something. It is no less inspiring than Terry Fox when he did his run across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

Some facts from Rick Hansen's tour 20 years ago (source: Vancouver Sun - May 19th, 2007):
- 160 wheelchair tires worn out;
- 2 years on the road;
- 34 countries visited on 4 continents;
- 40,000+ km traveled;
- 8 hours average spent on wheeling;
- 1,000+ baseball caps received;
- 200,000+ letters of support; and
- robbed 4 times.

There are many awe-inspiring stores of the human spirit and let us hope that this is what will help humankind take the right steps in the right direction instead of boneheaded things like the Canadian Parliament's move of making a politician issue of questioning Hockey Canada's appointment of Shane Doan as the team captain for the IIHF World Hockey Championships or the fact that the politicians are able to quickly pass into law a bill giving themselves a 29% - 59% pay increase and a lucrative pension plan ($4.00 public money for every dollar contributed by the politician).


Dave Edwards said...

Hi Peter,

A little trivia. Do you remember the name of the man who took up Terry Fox's mission and completed it? I think most Canadians do not, and I have to really think about it.

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Peter K said...

Hi Dave,
Seems like my response disappear. Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I do recall that there was someone else who did the run and completed it too. A few years later, he got into trouble with the law but I can't remember his name. Isn't that a riot?

Anonymous said...

Answer: Steve Fonyo.


Peter K said...

Thanks Dave,
I remembered that it was someone who's last name started with an "F" but for the life of me, couldn't dreg that bit from the memory.

You would think I would know given that there is a beach named after him in Victoria, BC :(