Friday, March 23, 2007

CBC - Test the Nation IQ

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) is currently running a series on "Test the Nation IQ" and they have a website dedicated to the show (I have not seen the show) where they have a Test Your IQ quiz which consists of 60 timed questions broken up into several categories. I was curious and took the test. Apparently it collects some information like age, gender, location, etc just to get a generic profile. The test overall took less than 20 minutes and I was asked to estimate my IQ which I gave at 110 (with 100 being the average). Well, blow me down, I did much better than I thought scoring a 128! Areas that I did very well are Math (if you are in IT, this should be a no-brainer) and Logic (also a no-brainer for IT folks).

The only thing that I didn't like about the test is that you can take it again and it's same set of questions. I took it a second time about a week later and this time I scored a 133 as I remembered some of the questions. Anyway, I think the first go-around is probably the most accurate as you are timed (20 secs) and you really have to be alert and think things through. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Fahd Mirza said...

I took it 3 times, and failed royally, because I am not a native, perhaps.

Peter K said...

I wouldn't think the questions are geared towards Canadians per sec as there were no questions on local events.

It's interesting to see the min and max of the scores with the min being 29 and the max being 159. I suspect that the 159 (quite a number of them) are probably repeats but the low score of 29 is a big puzzle 'coz if you score that low, it is a wonder that you can function at all.