Monday, January 01, 2007

Taking a page from Tom Kyte...

As the number of blogs and websites that I frequent grows, I am finding it tedious to keep my blog roll up to date and thought I would take a page out of Mr. Kyte and use an entry posting instead which I can edit easily and have my blog template point to that entry.

In no particular order:
Oracle-related Blogs
Tom Kyte's Blog - No further introduction needed.
AskTom - Not a blog but a Q & A and officially endorsed by Oracle (or at least Oracle Magazine).
Jonathan Lewis' Blog - again, no futher introduction needed. Jonathan recently started blogging and has already posted a number of very entries (things that makes you go "Huh? I didn't know that and I should experiment further to see how things works").
Eddie Awad's Blog - Based in Portland, Oregon; Eddie was "Blogger of the Year 2006".
Tim Hall - Based in the UK and movie-bluff (esp. the kung-fu kinds); Tim was "Oracle Ace of the Year 2006".
Kevin Closson - Hardware/Platform and Clustering topics related to Oracle Databases.
Lewis Cunningham - Guide to Oracle Technology.
Doug Burns - Doug loves his stuffed animals.
Peter Scott - Manager and DW/BI interests.
Pythian Group Blog - Oracle-focused consulting firm.
Lisa Dobson - Newbie DBA and worth the read.
David Alderidge - Mr. Oracle Sponge and DW "specialist".
Mark Rittman - BI "specialist" and social coordinator for Oracle bloggers :)
Amis Blog - A company-owned blog similar to Pythian.
Steven Chan - Oracle Applications Director. If you are involved in Oracle E-Business, then this is a definite blog for you.
Chris Foot - A Senior Oracle DBA and Oracle ACE
Andrew Clarke - Radio Free Tooting...on things Oracle
Steve Karam - Oracle consultant and calls himself the Oracle Alchemist.
Niall Litchfield - Frequent poster of various blogs and also newsgroup.
Pete Finningan - Oracle Security specialist. Wrote a few books.
Howard J Rogers - Aussie-based but British-born Oracle Education instructor amongst others. I love his dry wit.
Bruce Schneier - I don't think Bruce needed any introduction but an expert on security (esp. encryption)
Rob Vollman - Another Canadian blogger.
Fairlie Rego - Another Australian-based Oracle blogger. Great stuff.
Jeff Hunter - Oracle, MySQL and other IT-related stuff.
Andy Campbell - Stuff that he should have known and that we should know too :D
Herod T - Yet another Oracle DBA and Canadian, eh.
Dimitri Gielis - I met Dimitri at the OOW2006 Bloggers' Meetup and he's an interesting person and heavily into APEX.

Non Oracle-related Blogs
Ririan Project - Interesting blog with interesting posts. Makes you think.
Ken's Blog - A fellow IT blogger who is currently involved in an IT company based in China. Mostly to do with Open Source Software.

Oracle OTN - If you are involved in Oracle and don't know about Oracle's OTN, then you are not involved in Oracle.
Oracle Metalink - Restricted site but easy enough to get access to.
Oaktable - "Experts" in Oracle technologies...the membership has grown over the years.
ZDnet News - US-based Technology-related news. Publishes eWeek, InformationWeek amongst others.
The Register - UK-based Technology-related news.

Updated: Jan 2/2007

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