Saturday, December 16, 2006

Storm of the century - British Columbia

Well, the storm of the century has passed and thankfully there were no fatalities with trees being toppled. The news media said that the winds exceeded 157km/hr and the last record was at 143km/hr back in 1962 when a freak typhoon hit the West Coast of BC. Our neighbours and friends south of the border didn't fared as well with a few fatalities reported in Washington State. Best wishes to my friends and their families in the states of Washington and Oregon.

We were lucky that we didn't suffered any power outages (either at home or at work) but there are thousands of folks (estimated 250,000) who are without power and will be so for the next few days as the Hydro crews worked to restore downed power lines, blown transformers, etc. City crews are working feverishly to remove downed trees. Vancouver's famed Stanley Park is closed dued to the number of downed trees some of which were hundreds of years old.


Eddie Awad said...

Peter, glad you made safely through the storm. It was awful here in Portland, Oregon. We had a power outage for a few hours at home. The storm hit during rush hour. It took me hours to get home from work. Usually it takes me a few minutes.

Kevin Closson said...

I agree Eddie, it was a mess. I was west of Portland and there were very large trees down. Of course part of that is the fact that people are leaving lone Douglas Fir trees standing--something that nature never intended.

Kevin Closson said...

Oops, forgot to say that I'm glad nobody I know had a tree down on their place!

Peter K said...

Good to hear that everyone is okay. I was luckier than some and the only impact was it took me a little bit longer to get to work.

The news media here is now reporting 6 fatalities in Seattle due to the storm instead of 4.