Saturday, December 09, 2006

Office parties

It's that time of the year again where you will be invited to vendors' parties as well as your own organization's. You have seen those advice columns giving tips and advice on how to survive the parties without making a fool out of yourself or damage your career opportunities. It's true as I have seen many people who have gone overboard during this time of the year thinking that it is okay to let loose. Well, it's not as you are still representing your organization or yourself to your managers and executives.

Some of the things that I've seen included an employee who decided to take a $5.00 bet and walked around the boat during the company's cruise in the nude. Sad to say that he is no longer employed with the company after he strolled past the General Manager and his wife. Another one which didn't caused the person in question his job but his marriage when he decided to sleep with one of the administration staff and boasted about it at work. Another instance I recalled was a co-worker who was asked by his Director (who had a little bit too much to drink) to "be honest and tell me what you think of me" and proceeded to do so thinking that there was a rapport between him and the Director. You can figure out what happened next.

Even at the recent Oracle Open World event in San Francisco during the gala event at the Cow Palace with Elton John. I've seen folks who had too much to drink and couldn't even keep themselves upright or making out with strangers. I'm sorry but it's still a "company" event after all there are probably your colleagues who attended and peers from other organizations.

Now I am not saying don't have fun but do so moderately and know your limits. If after one drink or two, you are tipsy then don't drink or just have only one or have ice tea instead.

On an unrelated topic, this particular Speed Bump strip makes me chuckled and it's IT-related showing that "IT Matters".

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