Sunday, November 12, 2006


One of the things that I like about travelling is the ability to take in local newspapers and see what's of interest to the local community.

This weekend, I'm in Seattle and looking through, not a local paper but the Wall Street Journal (weekend edition), I see that one featured article is on suits and how suit makers are trying to revive sales by using S-numbers to identify the quality of their suits. The WSJ bought 10 suits from various retail outlets ranging in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and one of the higher-priced suit failed its stated S-numbers as well being less durable. The comment from the spokeperson was that the suit was not intended for everyday work wear but rather for that special occasion. Well, duh, if I am going to spend several thousand dollars on a suit, it would not be for everyday work wear...

Some folks just have too much money...advertised in the WSJ, the following property for sale at Lake Tahoe, Nevada:
  • priced at US$100million;
  • 38,000 square feet spread over 8 buildings (that's not a house but a whole town!);
  • 16 garages;
  • 210 acres;
  • 14 bathrooms with 5 half baths but only 9 bedrooms;
  • almost a mile of private drive way (0.7 to be exact);
  • 11 fireplaces; and
  • theatre room with 19 seats and a 3200 bottle wine cellar.

Wow and I'm sure that it's not the most expensive property in the world...but this broods well for the realtor as the commission from the sales is going be more than what I would make in ten years...I'm in the wrong business...

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