Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Strange things going on with Blogger

Hmm...I checked my blog and noticed that my latest entry on "Oracle Unbreakable Linux" has somehow not being published although I have received comments on the entry and it had shown up on the Oracle News Aggregator site. For some strange reason, the latest entry being shown is "Jonathan Lewis - Weblog".

If this keeps up, then I will have to consider moving the blog to Wordpress or some other blogger hosting site. Let's see if this entry gets published; if not, then it's time to move onto better things.

Anyhow, if you don't already know, some of the presentations and X-treme workshop handouts are now available for download from the OOW Content Catalog site. Check out the various presentations and there are a lot of them. I've already ordered the DVD/CD set so that we don't have to go the trouble of clicking and downloading the sessions.

Update: Clearing my Firefox cache seems to clear up the problem. Don't know why it would go to the cache considering that it does not seems to do that for any other sites.


APC said...

Well, if I can comment on this then your article must have been posted, right?

I had some problems with Blogger over the weekend. I could post an article in IE but not Java. But it seems alright now.

Cheers, APC

Peter K said...

It's really strange and maybe it's Firefox. If I use IE and my standard URL, I see all the recent postings but with Firefox and the standard URL, I see the latest entry being the "Jonathan Lewis - Weblog" post.

Maybe it has something to do with caching. I will try clearing the cache and see what happens.