Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oracle E-Business Architecture Revisited

In one of my previous post (earlier this year), I talked about our implementation of Oracle Financials and how we migrated the infrastructure from PA-RISC servers to a split configuration of PA-RISC and HP-Itanium servers. We are now in the process of implementing some Supply Chain modules including Order Management and iStore. One of the requirements is obviously for our iStore module to be highly available (a 24x7 operation) so we will be looking at restructuring our infrastructure to ensure that our E-Business Suite implementation will be able to handle the growth and demand as we move towards a 24x7 operation.

The Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) team at Oracle has done a superb job of documenting the various configurations of MAA for Oracle products and one of their latest was on MAA for E-Business Suite (two documents; PowerPoint presentation and Word document) which was one of the sessions at OOW 2006. Basically if you look at what Oracle has to offer in terms of high availability, you are talking RAC, DataGuard and for E-Business, multiple nodes for the application tier. The MAA team has basically set the architecture as RAC for the database servers, standby database utilizing DataGuard and multi-nodes for the application tier.

Our E-Business environment is a little bit more complicated as we will have an external facing application tier (iStore), a Single Sign-On (SSO) server which defers authentication to CA's eTrust (SiteMinder and IdentityMinder). Please see Metalink Note 287176.1 for further information. We also contracted a consultant from Oracle Consulting to provide us with feedback and recommendations and one of the key recommendations was for us to migrate our application tier from the HP PA-RISC server to Linux as the PA-RISC is end of life and provide no room for growth whereas Linux is the direction that Oracle themselves are committed to.

So, after some considerations on future direction, we decided to take the plunge and move our application tier to Linux (making use of Metalink Note 238276.1). This is currently in progress and my DBA tells me that some of the patches mentioned in the article required him to open and log a Service Request with Oracle Support in order to get the required patches. At the end of the day, we should have our R11i database still running at 10gR1 on HP-UX (Itanium) and our R11i application tier running on RH Linux on Intel including the iStore tier and our SSO server. Oh, I should mentioned that our SSO will be running on 10gAS whereas our R11i is still on 9iAS following Metalink Note 233463.1 Build 4.

I still have not totally figure out how everything is going tie in together yet to provide us with the underlying infrastructure for a 24x7 operation with the appropriate failover/switchover in case of outages at our main server room but we will be doing things in phases with the initial phase of just protecting the database using DataGuard. That is also one reason why I sought out Richard Exley of the MAA group in order to solicit some assistance as we begin our journey to bring our EBusiness implementation MAA style. I will definitely blog about our journey and our experiences with getting us to the end goal.

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