Sunday, October 08, 2006

Recent Interviews...Embellishment of resumes

No, I was not the one going for interviews but rather was doing the interviewing. We were looking for a Senior Oracle DBA on a 7-month contract to come in and back-fill for one of our DBA (who will be almost full time on a project). Anyhow, I had hope for someone who has more than 5 years of solid Oracle DBA experience supplemented by 2 to 3 years of Oracle Application DBA work.

Anyhow the responses are mixed and I can tell you that it wasn't easier finding someone who has both solid Oracle DBA AND Oracle Application experience. Potential candidates either have only Oracle DBA experience or just Oracle Application. One of the things that I found in going through the resumes and conducting the interviews was that the resumes were "padded". By "padded", I meant that it makes the candidate sounded more experience than they actually are. The candidates are not lying at all but things like "experience with implementing backups/recovery procedures" could turn into (when questioned) "yeah, well, the team that I worked in did the implementation and my actual role was actually run these backup and recovery scripts" or something to that effect. Now I would not say that the candidates were lying but rather their resumes were embellished.

I don't know if this is the right thing to do but I would not want to do that as I think it would come across as not being upfront about it. This is, of course, not just restricted to resumes but also to profiles/biographies of folks (sometimes folks listed as Executives, Directors of organizations). I have seen profiles/bios listed on the company's website of folks that I know and their work experience and I know that what they actually did was not exactly what was listed.

Another example was a consultant that I knew and he had listed himself (after becoming an Executive for a new startup) as being the youngest Director on the board of a big multi-national organization but the truth was far from that. The actual fact was that he was on a Board of Directors but not for the whole organization but rather for a specific project (much akin to a Project Steering committee).

Bottom-line: Be very aware that what is listed on a resume could very be embellished to make the candidate appear more experienced and have greater responsibilities or bigger role than what they actually did.

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Eddie Awad said...

We recently had a job opening for a position that required Oracle + ColdFusion + BizTalk experience. I was the "technical" interviewer. We could not find candidates who knew all three. So, we picked one who had very good experience in ColdFusion, and decided to teach him Oracle and BizTalk. Of course, the new hire will be paid much less than if he had experience with all three.