Sunday, October 22, 2006

OOW - X-treme program

Arrived in San Francisco around 6pm local time. Took longer as the flight didn't get out of Vancouver until 3:55pm and my colleague's luggage actually made it to SF before he did and we didn't know until all the luggage from our flight were taken leaving us standing around the baggage claim area wondering what's going on.
The Hilton @Fisherman's Wharf is a nice hotel and the room is big but unfortunately it looks like there won't be time for me to enjoy the room too much other than to sleep. Only downside is that there is no swimming pool at the hotel.
So, I'm in the two-day X-treme program and I've chosen Building Highly Available Environments with Oracle Database 10g as my choice and yesterday was the first part where we were shown the Flashback feature, followed by Recovery Manager and then Secured Backup (with encryption). How are all these features considered "High Availability"? Well, they do contribute to minimize downtime but heh, I wouldn't classified them to be "high availability" features. They minimize recovery time but the database or objects in question are still unavailable while being recovered.
As for Secured Backup, I would wait as I think it is still pretty much first release with first release features. The good news is that a second release (10.2) is in the works and should be ready pretty soon. Hopefully the second part of the session would be good as it deals with Data Guard which is one feature that we want to implement for our Supply Chain business.
More and more delegates are here as tonight is the official kickoff of OOW and I have already seen Don Burleson hanging around outside smoking.

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