Sunday, October 22, 2006

OOW - X-treme Program Day 2

Today's session is much, much better than yesterday's. The focus today was on DataGuard and the hands-on lab repeats but in a good way as things are shown and done via Grid Control and then done via the Dataguard command line utility. I like it.

We had to configure and set up the Primary database for standby with the various failover, switchover scenarios utilizing fast-failover and so on. It was a great session and the hands-on labs were good as they take you through the steps of configuration and then actually prove to you that the standby database is actually receiving the changes from the Primary. We are planning to implement DataGuard for our E-Biz implementation as an initial step and once that's is done, the next step is to focus on RAC to provide higher availability and then on to the application tier with multiple nodes for improved throughput and availability.

Charles Philips provided the keynote to kick off the event. It was kind of hooky as he also took the opportunity to introduce Oracle Corp as the new sponsor of the Golden State Warriors (National Basketball Association) arena and this was followed by Judy Sims providing attendees with a rundown of this year's event with an estimated 41,000 registered attendees, 1600+ sessions, half a million pounds of freight, 187 buses to ferry the attendees from the hotels to the centre. Charles Philips mentioned that Oracle has three core businesses; Database, Middleware and Applications. He also got two of his executives to come on stage to demo the new Oracle Accelerate program. Apparently Oracle has a new website that customers/implementers can utilized to quickly and easily configure their new E-Biz applications utilizing a series of questions and answers with templates. That sounds very promising and is something that I will be checking out when I get back to the office.

The Welcoming reception sponsored by NetApp was okay but I didn't stay long, instead opting for the IBM Canada event in the Marriott.

Monday is going to be a busy day going from 8:30am right up to 5:45pm to be following by a couple of cocktails events and then the big event for the night; OTN Night which this year is at the Westin St. Francis hotel right by Union Square. I will blog about that tomorrow.

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