Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OOW - Monday (Day 2)

I guess that it is officially day 2 of OOW 2006 as Sunday was considered to be the first day with Charles Philips kicking off the opening keynote. I didn't managed to make it for Hector de J. Ruiz's (AMD) keynote but caught the last part of it. I was interested in Chuck Rozwat's keynote and I gotta tell you that he usually peppered his keynote with hooky videos usually of him and other Oracle employees doing something silly to emphasize a point. Chuck mentioned 11g Server is in beta and they have incorporated 482 new features. Some of which included better patch/change management (hot patching), new snapshot standby (as compared to physical and logical standby), workload capture & replay at the database and SQL level, and online application upgrade with no impact on users when applying changes.

The theme this year is "Better Information, Better Results" so the set of "utilities/tools" are Oracle's Content DB, Records DB, Secured System Search, Business Intelligence, Application Express, Spatial DB, 10gR3 Grid, Fusion Middleware and Warehouse Builder which is now part of the Oracle Server Enterprise Edition.

I've learned not to go to the keynote hall to attend since getting and getting out after the keynote is a hassle. Best bet is to find one of the TV monitors where they feed the keynote and you can sit either on the floor or if you are lucky enough, find a beanbag or chair.

Two of my sessions are on Roadmaps and Trends for the E-Business suite (Financials and Supply Chain). Not totally what I expected but did get more information on Release 12 of Oracle E-Business and the upcoming Fusion Applications. Since the theme was better information, the focus was getting better information to the business in order for them to make the right decision and the right time with the right information with improved foorecasting accuracy, demand insight, single Tax engine, consolidated Bank model, etc. The Fusion Applications will be built on top of the E-Business R12 data model so naturally some questions are of "do I have to be on R12 to upgrade to Fusion" type and the answer is no if you are on 11.5.7+ onwards. It all sounds pretty exciting and with my employer totally in bed with Oracle E-Business, it is going to be a learning experience for me and my guys to quickly come up to speed with the changing role (from pure DBA to Application DBA).

One of the last sessions that I attended today was on DataGuard: Customers Experiences (Tips and Tricks). There were three customers who discussed their experiences with DataGuard and how well it works. Pretty standard stuff from what I had experienced with the DataGuard X-treme program but I do have a question that I will need to get answered when I get to the DemoGrounds today. It's not how switchover/failover happened but actually how my application will recognize that switchover/failover has happened and there is no loss of connectivity or that the users will have to disconnect (from the failed database) and reconnect to the new Primary. One tip was ensuring the password for the SYS schema MUST BE the same amongst the Primary and the Standbys (in Eli Lilly's case, they have 7 standbys).

The evening finished up with us attending the Pacific Northwest Oracle customers appreciation event at the St. Regis Hotel (a very nice hotel) but we had to cut out since we wanted to attend OTN night at the Westin St. Francis. It was a fun night with a game for the technie folks and I gotta tell you that none of the contestents did very well with answering questions about Oracle products. You have to wonder about the quality of Oracle eductional courses but I gotta admit that I was stumped on a few of them too. Some questions are too vague and I actually like the old format better where they actually use questions from the OCP exams. Overall it was fund and I met some great folks and I am looking forward to Tuesday as the main event for the evening is the Elton John concert at the Cow Palace plus the Blogger meetup at the Thirsty Bear.

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