Thursday, October 26, 2006

OOW - Day 4 (Wednesday)

Boy, it sure is getting harder to keep track of the days and my apologies for the delay in getting this entry off.

The big news, obviously, was Larry Ellison's keynote and in a nutshell, Oracle will now offer Enterprise class support for RH Linux and this is applicable to all RH customers not just Oracle customers running RH. Please check the following blogs for more details (no point in me repeating what has already said): Amis Blog; Andrew Clarke; IT-Eye and Oracle Linux

My own sessions consisted of attending Jonathan Lewis' presentation on "Recent Improvement with the CBO" which was very, very good. Lots of food for thought and he provided convicing arguements on why you should always upgrade.

My second session was on "Identity Management with Oracle E-Business suite" which was a terrible, terrible presentation. The speaker definitely needs to work on his presentation and actually try and provide better information that what was attempted. It's too bad as customer-based presentations are supposed to be a good source of sharing experiences that you can take back to the office and work.

The next session that I attended was on "Securing your E-Biz Suite" and nothing new there other than the reinforcement of utilizing the two key Metalink articles on securing the EBS. The two articles are entitled "Best Practices for Securing your E-Business Suite" and "Setting up E-Business in a DMZ".

My last session of the day was on "The making of the 10g:Faster and more Scalable" and it was an interesting session where the Oracle product manager highlighted some of the areas that they focused on when developing 10g. I will post more details on this when I get back to the office.

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