Sunday, October 29, 2006

OOW 2006 - Swag...

Swag or freebies or spoils of the conference. Actual meaning was "Goods acquired by unlawful means"...but in this case, goods obtained from OOW.

For those alumni attendees, if you are the first 3,000 registrants, you will get an alumni jacket. which I think looks great (at least on the folks wearing them as I have not worn mine yet). If you are registered in one of the X-treme programs, you will get an t-shirt just like what Henry Collingwood wore at the Blogger's Meetup.

Obviously there were tons of free t-shirts, pens, stick-it notes. Microsoft was giving away their Vista RC1, SUSE gave away their SUSE Linux 9 (180-day evaluation) and ditto for RH with their AS 4. The vendors prizes included (on top of the regular notebooks/laptops and iPods) HDTV televisions, a Harley-Davidson motorbike, a Vespa scooter and a Segway which Eddie Awad tried. Unfortunately I did not win any although if I had, I probably would have to turn it over to my employer as there are rules in place to discourage government employees of accepting gifts from ventors over a certain amount ($20 in my case).

Oracle gave away free "Unbreakable Linux" t-shirts, mousepads and stickers after Larry Ellison's keynote amongst other items. One item that wasn't officially on any freebies was an Oracle logo blanket which were handed out during lunch at certain locations as the weather was nice and sunny so that the attendees could actually use the blanket to sit on while they eat their lunches. A couple of years ago, it was an Oracle logo golf umbrella.

I managed to collect 4 leather wallets from Oracle which I have given to my team of DBAs and System Administrators along with t-shirts. They can't say that I don't have their interests at heart...;D

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