Friday, October 13, 2006

8.4 Billion Hours and other numbers

8.4 billion hours. That's a huge number of hours. According to the US Accountability Office, that was the estimated number of hours that US citizen spent in filling out paperwork (such as tax returns) required by the government for 2005. That's just plain wasteful. If you think about it, assuming that each hour is worth $5.00 (very low end), you are looking at $42 billion just in filling out paperwork. I personally think that a better way is to tax at source and not worry about paperwork. Sure, you are going to have folks who would earn money on the side without declaring (which you do now, anyways) but if the penalties are structured so that it is really not worth the effort to not pay taxes, I'm sure over 90% of the folks wouldn't look at tax evasion.

Another number; 654,965.

According to the Vancouver daily press, this is the number of people killed since the US invasion of Iraq three years ago. That's more than the entire population of the city of Vancouver. Scary and really sad.

10.56 Billion.

Amount that college students (in the US) are expected to spend on electronics for 2006. Wow, in my college days, I would be lucky to even be able to afford to buy a stereo system.

5.9 Million.

The number of Sony-made notebook batteries that were recalled because they could catch on fire. Locally, a condo complex caught fire and suffered $2 million (estimated) in damages because a notebook left on a glass coffee table got too hot and shattered the glass top and fell on top of some newspaper which ignite and started the blaze. Luckily no one was killed or injured as the fire occurred in the early evening.

50,000 Attendees.

The estimated number of attendees expected at this year Oracle Open World...see you all there.

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