Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's been a while

My apologies for such a wide gap in between posts. There were really no excuse other than the fact that it was procrastination and I just recently finished reading a book, The On-Time, On-Target Manager by Ken Blanchard, on procrastination too!

There are a lot of stuff going on right now both in terms of work and personal life and Bill S was kind enough to check up on me to make sure that things are okay on my end. Much appreciated, Bill.

So a number of stuff has been happening in the Oracle world as blogged by various folks and the Hotsos Symposium came and went and seems that all the Oaktable members were in attendence (presenting). Here at work, we are trying desperately to implement Oracle E-biz suite (Financial component) before our new fiscal year start otherwise that we will have to carry two set of books going forward. We are also in the planning stage for our supply chain and have had a very interesting meeting with Oracle on licencing and pricing. That was an eye opener and I'm sure some choice words will be sent Oracle's way. Having Oracle E-biz introduced a whole bunch of changes to the way that we (IT) operates and it will be interesting to see how some of my team including myself adjust to these changes.

Oh, if you haven't keep up with the new Oracle Corp blogs, a lot more Oracle Executives have their own blogs now so that's nice although I still uses Brian Duff's Orablogs to provide me with a quick summary of the various Oracle-based bloggers. Oh yeah, Google also provided maps of Mars and speaking of Google, have you ever click on the more link on Google's main page to see what more has to offer? Give it a try. Google also got itself negative press in agreeing to censor "unacceptable" searches for China Google in order to do business in China. Obviously this is a highly charged issue as we (the Western world) believes in freedom of speech and China, on the other hand, see it it differently and some folks have argued that limited censorship is better than total censorship. We definitely live in interesting times.

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