Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Oracle Q&A "repository"

Eddie Awad recently launched his new Oracle Q & A site which generated some strong opinions from Howard Rogers and others but Tom Kyte and others are for the new site.

I, myself, think that it is great that there is yet another resource for the Oracle community to go to for answers but I can see validity in the points that Howard had made. It would be nice to able to identify the versions that these "tips" applied to but I think, regardless, that it is prudent for each individual to actually test and verify these "tips" before applying them to their environments. "Trust but Verify" is a very good motto to live by in our Oracle world as is evident from lots of other sites that still posts advice and/or tips that are either no longer valid or are very specific to unique situations.

On the other hand, David Aldridge has to deal with an interesting problem where one of his article was published word for word on another blog without permission (although there was acknowledgement that David was the source). In this case, I would request that the blogger remove the entry and provide a link unless he (the blogger) was providing an extract of David's article. I actually peruse that blog and didn't like some of the articles and entries as they listed tips/articles that are no longer valid or very specific to unique environments/situations.

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Teko said...

I agree with you. This is another, but very useful place in Oracle community.
Sure you must verify everything what you find there, but sometimes getting the quick idea is much better than spending time to research and look for certain solution.