Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 - Year in review

Looking back on 2005 (Wow! 5 years after the Y2K fiasco), it seems to be the year of natural catastrophic disasters (the Tsunami, Katrina, South Asia Earthquake) but there's more.

On the Canada front, we were faced with politic scandal and corruption under the Liberal government which eventually led to a political first (the Opposition tabling a vote of non-confidence) and the Liberal minority government was brought down. We also have the legalization of same-sex marriages. The push is on to legalize marijuana but not before the US managed to have the Canadian authorities arrest a leading proponent for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet to US citizens.

On the family front, we welcome our third baby girl who came 10 weeks earlier than expected and gave us a good scare. Thankfully everything is working out and she's now almost 11 months and healthy.

On the work front, it's dealing with security and people-related issues that was keeping me busy. Started this blog to provide an outlet for me to vent but it has turn to something more. Got into some pretty interesting "debate" with certain Oracle folks and also made a lot more acquitances/friends in the Oracle community.

Here's to 2006 and the new challenges that it brings. Happy blogging!

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