Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Update - BC politicians pay raises

Within 24 hrs, the Opposition Leader, Carole James, flip-flopped and refuse to support the legislation (Bill 17) that was passed in record time which gave all the elected politians a 15 to 31% pay increase.

Yesterday, the Government introduced Bill 19 to repeal Bill 17 which was passed so none of the MLA will be getting any pay increases. The smart move is to introduce legislation that would tie the MLA compensation to the rate of inflation and cost of living.

Anyhow, this debacle high lighted the current flawed system and also put the Opposition in a very bad light. I mean, if they were so concerned with public outcry, why unanimously voted for the pay increases. What's also upsetting was that one elected member, Lorne Maynecourt (Lib), screamed, yelled, and voted against repealling the pay hike. This coming from a fellow who won the election by a mere 12 votes??? Time to recall this elected official and sent him packing. The greedy pig!

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