Thursday, November 17, 2005

BC Politicians voted themselve a hefty pay raise!

I can't believe it as I was driving home from work today. The radio announced that the MLA (Members of the Legislative Assembly) had voted themselves a minimum of 15% (with some as high as 40%). In one afternoon, the Government managed to rammed through this pay raise (Bill 17) with all members (including Opposition) voted in support of passing the bill. Shame! Not one stood up to voice their concerns. I guess all politicians are alike (line their own pockets while standing up in public to denounce the poor working people).

This is unbelievable as a short few weeks ago, the Government was telling the teachers that they (the teachers) will not be getting any increases (zip, zilch, nada) but here we are, the MLAs will have a base compensation of $86.5K plus additional compensation based on their portfolio. If this keeps up, there will be combustion point (much like what is happening in France) and you will have people on the streets screaming for change (remember the French Revolution?).

Obviously the current political system is so flawed and so open to abuse that something has to be done. It's time that the general population rise up and kick these scumbags out of the seat of power! I think it's time for a new party with the right Principles and Ideals that will appeal to both the business leaders and the working folks.

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Bill S. said...

I feel your pain. In the U.S., our representatives have managed a neat little magic trick - by NOT VOTING on giving themselves a pay raise they automatically get one. We (the constituents, for whom these folks work and by whose very grace they occupy their office) don't even get consulted. Wish my job was like that ;-D