Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Minutemen Border Project

NB: I did this blog yesterday but for some reason, Blogger didn't post it.

Well, they started down south early this year in patrolling the US/Mexican border and now they are monitoring the US/Canadian border. Who are these folks, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps? Patriots or Racists? A spokeswoman for the group has this to said (taken from,
“Canada has extremely lax laws allowing people to come in and live there from Middle Eastern countries,” said Connie Hair, a spokeswoman for the group. “If you’re from the Middle East, it only makes sense that you might be in a Middle Eastern terror cell.”

That sounded like racial profilling to me. What's next? How about targeting the Chinese community as it is possible that they might be spies for the Chinese Government or the Koreans as they could be sleepers for the N. Korean government?

Now, obviously, these folks are armed (as per the US Consitution rights to bear arms) and even though the policy is only to monitor and report, I can see situations occuring where accidental shootings might happen. What would you do if after you have crossed the border legally and ran into a truckful of armed men? I would probably hit the gas to get the heck out of there which could then be interpreted as having something to hide and I can just see these guys shooting away.

Scary stuff and another factor to consider when planning a trip to the US by land.

NB: Edited to remove an incorrect assumption on my part. See comments for details


Gary Myers said...

"truckful of armed white men"...
"I can just see these guys shooting away."

Isn't that exactly the sort of 'racial profiling' you are accusing these guys of ?

Peter K said...

gary said...
Isn't that exactly the sort of 'racial profiling' you are accusing these guys of ?

Point taken. I was led to believe that the Minutemen Def Corps consists of a certain group but further research could not verify so I've edited my entry to remove that particular reference.