Monday, October 10, 2005

Bloggers rejoice

I was referred to the following outcome of a Delaware Supreme Court ruling on the case of a lawsuit filed to try and unmask anonymous bloggers (NY Times article). Obviously this just another step for folks who are willing to voice their opinions on public matters. You can download the ruling document here

While it looks like this Supreme Court ruling will set the standard for future and similar cases, it is still doesn't mean that anyone can willy nilly post defamatory statements about anyone. There are still a number of cases outstanding in the various courts across the USA. But one thing that stood out from this ruling is that the Supreme Court Judge was able to differentiate between 'fishing' and definite defamation.

Another interesting case to track is currently in process and it involves an individual and a corporation. Details can be found here. This one is a little more complicated but the Electronic Freedom Foundation is keeping tabs.

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