Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Ugly Mess II

The thread on AskTom is going by bounds and bounds. There were a lot of anonymous posters slinging mud and what not. What was interesting was that Janet B suffered chest pains and was rushed to ER for tests (this information was posted on Don Burleson's blog). Was these a result of stress arising from the current discussion? Who knows? It really doesn't matter other than to wish Janet a speedy recovery.

The thread itself was interesting as we have Harry Conway (a BC employee if that was indeed Harry Conway) who came on and posted which was against the BC guidelines for their employees and then shortly after a whole slew of anonymous pro-Burleson posters came on. So, with all the mud-slinging going on, is the blog or the moderator responsible for all the postings/comments? Who knows but in a common sense world, it would seems unlikely but anything is possible in the legal world.

All in all, this ugly mess arising from the grossly incorrect article by Don Burleson seems to not want to go away.

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