Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oracle-related - DUDE & DUL tools

I noticed that Pete Finnigan mentioned a couple of tools that can help recover data from an unrecoverable Oracle database, DUDE & DUL. DUL is apparently an Oracle Corp internal tool whereas DUDE is third party and written by Kurt Van Meerbeeck. Obviously the usage of these tools should be as a last resort where the database is totally unrecoverable and that there were no backups available. The intent then is to recover the business data and populate into a new database.

DUDE seems to be pretty niffy and Kurt did mentioned that it is designed to be abused-proof. That is, you can't download or buy the tool to try and hack into Oracle databases without authorization.

DUL is internal to Oracle and I'm not sure of the details but again I would guess that only Oracle Tech Support will be utilizing the tool against your database if and only if you are unable to recover your database and needed to unload the business data for reloading into a brand new database.

These tools are good to know about and hope that you never, never have to utilize them.

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