Thursday, September 22, 2005

Aftermath of Don Burleson's "Undocumented Parameters"

It has been a very interesting and informative period following the shenaningans of the Burleson's gangs (supposely employees/associates and supporters) as they tried to deflect attention from the contents of the article that Burleson has written for SearchOracle. I'm sure SearchOracle doesn't mind the "debate" as it must have generated a bunch of web traffic for them.

What is now interesting are the "attempts" by persons unknown although implied (as traced most likely via IP addresses to be known person who we shall refer to as pseudonym) who would post comments on Tom Kyte's blog like the following:

Anonymous said....
Are you even Oracle certified?

Anonymous said...
Dear Tom,
Can you post your resume on this site? We ought to determine your 'employability factor' since you have not completed your Oracle Certification exam yet!

There are of course others and not just to Tom's blog but also on his "AskTom" forum.

The behaviour exhibited by this particular person is like that of a five year old child who having lost the argument resort to name calling and basically making a nuisance of himself.

Maybe, pseudonym has gotten himself to a point where he thinks that he has no alternative but to resort to this behaviour. I would say that he still has alternatives and I would suggest that one of the first thing to do is correct the article and provide credit due (to Tom & Jonathan) and secondly to apologize for such childish behaviour. No one is going to think less of the fellow but that's not to say that he doesn't have quite a lot of work to do to regain the trust within the Oracle community as to his professionalism and knowledge as an Oracle "expert".

Maybe I'm more forgiving for I could picture Howard J Rogers shaking his head vigourly in disagreement but hey, life is just too short. Let's move on and get with the program.

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