Saturday, August 06, 2005

What's with the Judges???

I think the Canadian Justice & Legal system is going down the tubes. The judges have been making decisions that are so far fetched in order to protect "victim's rights". In today's paper, one of the BC Supreme Court judge ruled against the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) where the bank froze the accounts of one of their customers who had cashed a counterfeit cheque of over Cdn$950K in order to recover the monies! The cheque was originally cleared by the Royal Bank after the account being drawn on has sufficient funds but Royal Bank later came back to notify BNS that the cheque was counterfeited but after the funds had been release to the customer. Obviously said customer denied any wrongdoing but the cheque was made out to them from someone (another company) that they had no dealings with nor were there any accompanying note to the cheque. Hmmm...

Anyhow Judge Bruce Cohen rapped BNS' knuckles and that the frozen accounts must be released thereby allowing said customer to access the funds (not legally obtained)! So if you can successfully cash a counterfeit cheque of any amount and have the funds deposited in your account, you can walk away a rich person.

The legal system is getting ridiculous where the rights of the victims are down at the bottom with the rights of the suspect right at the very top. Take for example, Mr. Saxena (a person wanted by the Thai authorities on charges of emblezzing C$88m) has been ordered extradicted back to Thai 10 years ago. He has filed appeals after appeals fighting this extradition. He even had the judge agreed to house arrest all these years by paying for his own private bodyguards to keep him under house arrest. Guess what. During these times, he has allegedly ran or help organized boiler-room operations where folks are bilked out of their savings. Right now, he is asking the court to annul the extradiction order against him because it has been ten years and when it was originally filed, it had an expiry period of ten years. In the meanwhile, ordinary folks who are good upstanding citizens have been told that their application for residency are rejected even though they are good productive residents in Canada!

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