Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The perils of publishing or rather not publishing fast enough

Check out the entry on Fabian Pascal's blog

Now granted that I have not gone to c.d.t to check out Josh Hewitt's post, but it does seem that here is a case of someone "demanding" (see HJR's entry on a similar vein) that they be listened to or at the very least have attention paid to them.

Obviously Fabian along with Chris Date and Steve Tarin has been working feverishly on their TransRelational (tm) Model (TRM) (or at the very least Steve Tarin) and I for one is looking forward to all the details when they are ready to publish.

Fabian's entry seems to highlight the current culture of instant gratification or rather the Andy Wohl's 15 minutes of fame.

On a different note, I found this at David Rea's blog where he found the following article on Technology Research News on how Japanese scientists and researchers have managed use a laser to embed information on a fingernail which could be read by an optical microscope. It is still a proof-of-concept but they figured that it will take another 3 years to develop commerical applications for it. Incredible!

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