Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oracle Applications 11i

Well, my organization decided to replace their existing financial system with Oracle Financials 11i. We are still working through the details (licencing, implementation, etc). We are going 11.5.10 (I hope since I heard that there are some issues with 11.5.9). I have been talking with the implementation DBA (from IBM Consulting) about the architecture required and other technical details. It was suggested that we will need about 300Gb of disk space for each instance of Oracle Appls and we might end up with up to 6 or more instances (demo, dev, test, train, patch, prod, pilot, etc). That's potentially a requirement of 1800Gb of space! Of course, this include the space requirements for the Appl Server too but still, that is kind of ridiculous but when you install Oracle Applications, you install all modules and only those modules that you are licenced are activated.

Another suggestion was to have only one OS account to own both the db and application software which I don't think is best practice so that was rejected and the consultant agreed to two OS accounts (one which will own the DB software and the other owns the application software) and since we will be creating multiple instances, it was suggested that we set up two OS accounts per instance which I am having lots of problems with (e.g. demo instance will have orademo1 and appldemo1 as owners of the db and application software respectively). The reasoning is apparently to avoid confusion as to which instance we are working with. Hmmm...I don't think so but have yet to formulate my disagreement to the consultant.

I think this is going to be one hell of an implementation project and hopefully I can influence key decisions and I am also hoping to get an experienced Oracle Application DBA to come in at key times to do a health check (got to figure out how to sell this to my manager and also to the project team).


Bill S. said...

Should be an easy sell: "Hey guys, we just spent a bundle on this software and hardware, so nobody wants to hear the sound of a toilet flushing. Shall we get in an expert to perform a health check, or just wait for something to crash?". Should be a no-brainer, even for damagement. :-D

Scott said...

One thing to consider when using multiple different users to own the DB components, is that you will either need to have a separate oracle home for each instance or ensure that the group (dba and/or oinstall and/or ??) is used rigorously and the umask is set appropriately for all the users. In my experience, this can become quite troublesome as, very often, different processes will set the "group" and "other" permissions such that the group cannot write the files.

Not that it can't be done, of course, just that it adds a layer of complexity and potential confusion. If your stated goal is to reduce confusion, I don't think you will be helped by having multiple users for the DB.

Peter K said...

Bill S. said...
Should be an easy sell:

Problem is IBM is selling themselves as the expert and I'm having my doubts with the currently IBM-assigned DBA.

The DB component will be owned by the oracle account and the application will be owned by another OS account but we will probably have some shared APPL_TOP and separate APPL_TOP (e.g. PROD will be on its own, and so is PATCH but the others might be together).

Bill S. said...

peter_k said:
Problem is IBM is selling themselves as the expert and I'm having my doubts with the currently IBM-assigned DBA.

I hear you. I've had experiences working with IBM staff before, some good, some not so good.