Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm on vacation

I'm off for two weeks - a long weekend at Parksville, then a week in Hawaii. For those who has not been to Parksville, it's a very nice resort town on Vancouver Island and is great in the summer. The kids can go clamming and just basically hang around the beach. The wife is happy with shopping at the local stores.

The Internet is far reaching as the resort where we are staying have a couple of terminals and I'd just snucked out early in the morning to catch up. It looks like Don Burleson is up to his old tricks again (i.e. publishing "rules of thumbs" or information that do not work across the board without expressing caveats or caution). I have not yet read his article but both Tom Kyte and Jonathan Lewis have responded to the article. It's very unfortunate that the publishers of said article refuses to retract or attempt to have a technical review done before publishing. I will have to read the article (if it hasn't changed before I get to it) and post an entry on it sometime during my vacation.

On a completely different topic, Oracle Applications 11i. As noted in one of my previous entry, we are replacing our PeopleSoft Financials with Oracle Core Financials and we are learning more and more about the product every day. The implementation project has still not been kicked off yet but planning has certainly begun. One complication is our IT shop uses HP-UX running on HP Servers using PA-RISC technology. Now that PA-RISC technology are at their end of life (Dec 2006), it wouldn't make sense for us to go out and buy new PA-RISC boxes so we are looking at Itanium servers. Simple and done deal, right? Wrong! Oracle Applications 11i is not certified on the Itanium (only the database tier was) so we will have to use what Oracle refer to a 'split configuration' where the application tier resides on a PA-RISC server and the database tier resides on an Itanium server. Okay, that wasn't too bad but wait, how about the version of the OS? HP published a paper indicating that the HP-UX needed to be at HP-UX 11i v2 for both servers but our PA-RISC is on HP-UX 11i v1 so it's just a simple matter of upgrading to v2, right? Wrong! Our HP-UX servers uses a particular brand of controller cards from Emulex which are not certified for v2 and apparently would not work with v2 of HP-UX 11i. Jeez, what else can go wrong. I've logged a TAR with Oracle to ask for confirmation whether we can have a split configuration of PA-RISC running HP-UX 11i v1 (application tier) and Itanium running HP-UX 11i v2 (database tier) as well as verification of a statement in Oracle's Metalink that indicate that in installing a split configuration, you will have to install everything on the PA-RISC and then migrate the database tier over to the Itanium server. At this point, I'm covering my head in my hands. This is just technology and it's already complicated. Just wait until we get into the implementation phase! So much for the KISS principle.

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