Sunday, August 28, 2005


I'm now mid way through my Hawaiian holidays and it's been fun. Have yet to hit the beach but have met the mayor of the city and county of Honolulu and had my picture taken with him.

He mentioned that he would like to put in a rail transit system similar to what Vancouver has. Bit expensive but yeah, I can see the logic in that.

Anyhow, thought I would provide some comments on Burleson's latest on the undocumented _pga_max_size article. First of all, I just glanced through the article and all I can say is that this fellow has the upmost disrespect for all Oracle DBA's (as is evident by the remark made in his article). It seems that he has no respect for his clients (as is evident in his offshoring article on his blog - if it has not been removed or modified) and definitely no respect for his clients (as is evident by his article on the user community).

Take a garter at Tom Kyte's blog where Mike Ault has posted some responses and I'm sad to say that he (Mike) is almost up there with Don Burleson. BC would be the last consulting group I would recommend to my employers and any employers that I have contact with. My other beef are sites/magazines that publishes these so-called technical articles without much vetting them through a technical review for correctness. This is also true of conference presentations like Oracle Open World and the IOUG!! If they had done so, crap like these will never see the light of day!


Edited to include the last rant on the publishers of these articles

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