Saturday, July 30, 2005

US requested Canadian Pot Bust!!

The headlines screamed! People were outraged and indignant that a sovereign nation like Canada could bend to Uncle Sam's view! It's not right! Even the news reporters got into it. Marc Emery has been selling marijuana seeds for years and because the policy makers in Canada are debating whether marijuana should be legalized, nothing was done to shut down his operations. It became a mult-million dollar operation and he's been shipping these seeds to US and other countries where they are turned into illegal grow-ops. The idea behind this, I assume was to provide medicinal marijuana for those who can't get their hands on it. Now I would assume that the US in cracking down illegal grow-ops (actually are there any legal grow-ops?), would have traced the source of the plants/seeds back to Emery's organization. So has he broken the law in the US? Who knows and only a trial will tell. As for the hoopla about US asking Canadian Law Enforcement to arrest someone, well, that's nothing. It's been done all the time, fugitives from the US are arrested in Canada lots of time and vice versa. I think it became a big hoopla because of the fact that marijuana was not viewed as a serious offense in Canada and it's akin to having someone arrested for a traffic violation.

I think the press is better off highlighting the Eron sentencing of Biller than to put a spotlight on something that's a mole hill. Now Biller along with his cohort has bilked folks of their life savings and at his sentencing hearing, his lawyer pulled a stunt by announcing that an anonymous donor has decided to pay off one's victim investment of $50,000 and that Biller was really sorry that this victim and family had gone through hell. It's a white collar crime and I think that the judge should throw the book at him after all, Biller has gone on from Eron to try and defraud others by running boiler-room operations and even gone as far to do so under a false name!

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