Saturday, July 23, 2005

Smugglers' tunnel from Canada into the US

It's totally amazing. The US DEA and the Canadian equivalent have been working together to bust this 3-person partnership of operating a tunnel from Canada into the US. These men spend 8+ months (12 hrs days, 6 days/week) to dig a tunnel where they hope to be able to smuggle BC pot into the States and other stuff. The tunnel was nicely constructed, reinforced with rebar and 2x6 cedar planks (ceiling & walls) with wooden floor. It was estimated that they could move 300+ lbs of stuff each way and hope to charge $500/lb.

Law enforcement found out about the tunnel early on when observant Canadian border guards noticed a lot of dirt coming out and lots of construction material going into this Quonset hut on the Canadian side and run the length of a football field to a vacant house on the US side.

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