Saturday, July 30, 2005

Funniest posting on AskTom or Tom Kyte's blog

I recently posted a comment on Tom Kyte's blog in response to one of his blog entry about which is the strangest/funniest Oracle-related question that he has come across and this was suggested further by others to have a "page of shame"-type deal.

Of course Tom turned down that idea 'coz of the implications that it might have. I totally agree with him on that as it could lead to further problems down the road. Now my request was not to have a "page of shame" but was to see what kind of strange questions that he had came across, something like "is the shared cache dedicated to a single process?". Anyhow, one of the things that came out of Tom's entry was a slang used by one commenters, "Kyte'd" to mean that you have been mentioned on Tom Kyte's blog or AskTom and this in turn generated traffic to the mentioned site. In this case, a lady from the Philippines whose allocated bandwidth was exceeded due to the increased traffic.


Robert Vollman said...

You know, even if you haven't been "Kyte'd" - his mere presence on the web creates increased traffic. Even if he never mentions your blog, more people will still find it (just like I did), by following chains of related blogs. His presence just creates more bloggers and more blog-readers.

Peter K said...

Agreed, but it was funny that in this particular case, the poor lady's blog was overwhelmed as everyone reading Tom's blog entry was curious enough to try and see what exactly the lady was referring to.