Wednesday, June 08, 2005

$10 million

Over this past weekend (June 4th/5th), the British Columbia Children's Hospital did their annual teleton of fund-raising. The funds raised will be used to buy equipment, grants for R & D into causes and cures for illness afflicting children including cancer. It was with great pride that the funds raised this year broke last year's record of $8m plus with slightly over $10m raised! Considering that the Province of BC only has slightly over 4 million folks, I think that's an amazing achievement. Of course, a good portion of donations are from corporations which is also a good sign that corporate citizenship is alive and well.

I was also at a thank you gala at the University of British Columbia last Tues (June 7h) and it was also amazing the amount of money donated to the University to help with funding of R & D projects and to meet the various students who depends on the monies. The President of UBC also explained that the university is turning out more than just highly qualified and talented individuals. One key learning component at UBC is the realization that we are part of the global village and our work and lifestyle should reflect that by contributing to make it a much better world.

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